Smart Gym sensor

Link to google patent.

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This project is my self research in my undergraduate school.

I believe this is the first smart lock pin which can automatically detect the weight you select on the fitness equipment like seated row machine, Chest press machine and so on.

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The blue one is the lock pin. I made a smart one to replace it to automatically detect the weight and the movements.

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Figure 1: the sensor design draft

I used Solidworks to design the case of this sensor.

Mechanical Design

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Figure 2: the sensor renderings


I used SLA to print the case.

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Figure 3: the sensor case

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Figure 4: the inside structure of the structure

Infared Sensor Circuit

I used AltiumDesigner 14 to designed the infrared sensor board according to the sensor datasheet and make it to a printed circuit board.

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Figure 5: the infrared sensor schematic

Power System

I designed the power system. I used a Li-ion battery as the main power supply and I converted it to 3.3v for both sensor and MCU.

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Figure 6: the power system schematic

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Figure 7: the circuit system (from left to right: infrared sensor; powersystem & microcontrolloer(CC2541 TI); lithum battery)

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Figure 8: put these in the 3D printing case

ISIPS conference

I made a poster prensentation in ISIPS 2016.

Presentation Paper

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Figure 9: poster presentation in ISIPS 2016

Invention Patent

I had a invention patent for this project.